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 Case Study - Auction Manager
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The Client
ezAuctionPost is an eBay Drop Store based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The store is involved in running eBay auctions for customers and provides additional services for shipments. It began operations in late 2004 and within months saw phenomenal growth. The sudden growth also meant heavy increase in store operations, maintenance tasks and customer service operations.

The Problem
The client wanted to develop a solution that will not only automate most of their business operations but also help them manage the store, streamline their customer service and enhance employee productivity.

The goal was to create a software that will cover all aspects of business. The software also had to integrate seamlessly with eBay for managing online auctions, sales and feedback. Apart from this, the system also had to integrate with Paypal for payment services and shipping solution providers like FedEx, USPS, UPS and DHL for managing shipments.

The Solution

ServeSys was retained by ezAuctonPost for development of the software. ServeSys studied all the existing processes at ezAuctionPost. It was proposed that a web based solution be developed as this will enable ezAuctionPost's customers to access real time information about their accounts.

ServeSys created an architecture for the system that took care of all the client requirements. In addition to this, the architecture made provisions for future enhancements. Special attention was given to scalability as the business had expanded greatly in the past months and with a solution that automated almost all aspects of the business, it was felt that the growth rate will increase manifold in the future.

The result was ezAuctionPost Auction Manager. The Auction Manager eBay Drop Store utility was developed within 45 days. A few important modules of the solution are:

  • Auction Flow Sections like All Auctions, Auction Hopper, Waiting Room, Pre-Auction Section, Live Auctions, Sold Auctions, Delivery Section, Payment Hopper etc.
  • Customer Management Module
  • Customer Commissions
  • Item Management Module
  • Bidder Management
  • Payment Management
  • Shipping Utility
  • Various Reports

The solution was deployed successfully, the client's reaction was:

"We are extremely pleased with the high quality work, timeliness and professionalism. We do not believe that we would be able to accomplish our business goals without SapphireSys."


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